What an amazing career opportunity! Tell us about your duties and responsibilities for EQ3.As a project manager for accessories I am responsible for all categories which fall under accessories (hence the title), such as rugs, textiles, lighting, tableware, bedding, etc.I have to manage each range and be aware of products EQ3 is missing, seasonal products, and products which are no longer relevant. Once a need is in place, it is my job to either work with designers to fill that product need, or take on some of the designing myself or with other member of the product team. I then have to see the project through to the very end.

What are some of your favorite things to do Golden Goose Sale in Boston? Favorite spots?I love all the great day trips that you can do in New England. We go to places like Concord, Cape Cod, and Kennebunkport. In Boston, I like to stroll around Beacon Hill and check out the seafood restaurants.

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